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Royal white Honey


Sabalan Goods ROYAL WHITE HONEY is one of the most unique and refined honeys we have ever tasted. It's made of thyme pollen that collected by bees ! Sabalan Goods Honeycomb is free from addition of artificial sweeteners. It is purely natural in its sweetness.

SABALAN GOODS Royal White Honey is the structure that preserves the most of Sabalan Honey's natural goodness and flavor. SABALAN GOODS presents to you the Sabalan Goods Royal White Honey, the wholesome delicacy of Sabalan Goods Honey in its entirety.

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Honey never spoils When sealed in air tight container, honey one of the few foods known to have an enter shelf life. Store in room temperature and Keep it in the plastic box (air tight) to prevent any unwanted visitors from getting into it. Of course, avoid exposing your honey to water. It does not need to be in a refrigerator, where it may begin to crystallize.

⚠️Temperatures below 50° will jump-start the natural process of crystallization, It will remain in its liquid state much longer if stored at room temperature.

⚠️ Temperature is above 75-80°, honey can begin to degrade. It will start to taste bitter and it will lose any of its beneficial effects.

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Honey plays an essential role in Persian Traditional Medicine and accompanies many herbal medications to improve their effect. Avicenna, the famous Persian scientist and physician of the 11th century, has praised honey in his book “The Canon of Medicine” for curing many conditions, including healing injuries. His words are prominent in practicing Persian traditional medicine even up to these days.

Sabalan Goods Royal White Honey  is extremely nutritious and packed with vitamins. People have been buzzing over the sweetness, healing properties and health benefits of honeycomb for thousands of years .  SABALAN GOODS Royal White Honey packs a whole bunch of nutrients that regular honey cannot bring to the table. Raw and unfiltered honeycomb contains amazing benefits . Here is a closer look at benefits of eating raw Sabalan Goods  Royal White Honey .

 Dissolve the fat accumulated in the body.

specifically in the abdominal area or rumen, which constitute a nuisance and embarrassment for many people, where through dissolving one teaspoon of Royal White Honey in a glass of warm water and drink it twice during the day, so that they are once before lunch three hours, and again after dinner three hours, taking care to reduce the intake of foods rich in calories, and a lot of fiber intake and health foods


Increase libido in both men and women alike

as well as increase erection in men, optimization of activity and sexual power they have, through the blending amount of Royal White Honey with a little spice cinnamon ground, eat the mixture four times during the day, so that three times before eating them for half an hour, and the last time be before going to sleep, and the desired result will appear during a period not exceeding one month.


Pure Royal White Honey assists in protecting the liver.

According to a study published in the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine, this is done by helping to normalize liver function and improve symptoms of fatty liver


Pure Royal White Honey is a sweet, unaltered, and unprocessed alternative to other sweeteners.

Pure Royal White Honey from the  Sabalan Goods is an effective and delicious alternative to refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.


Royal White Honey helps to treat a cough or sore throat.

Treatment of disorders and problems related to the respiratory system, especially asthma, cough or cough, as well as the treatment of respiratory infections people

Royal White Honey is a natural immune booster.

Strengthen immunity in the human body, through the purification of toxins, and thus make it more able to cope with diseases and enemies, whether viral or bacterial, and others.


Stimulation of the work of the brain cells.

thus activate the process of thinking, and the prevention of injury status of forgetfulness or diseases associated with aging memory


Royal White Honey promotes better sleep!

Royal White Honey promotes this with the proper balance of sugars for your liver and helps to produce the hormones necessary for achieving better sleep. Similarly to sugar, it causes a rise in insulin and triggers serotonin, the hormone for improving one's mood.


Reducing sign of depression

Maintain psychological balance, because it reduces the tension or anxiety, and calms the nerves.