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“To eat healthy, known where your food come from”.

With SABALAN GOODS, only offered products for everyone to achieve Health and Longevity. We supply only the Finest, Nutritional and Premium products for helping you achieve the Pinnacles of Health in body and mind, to Achieve a Long and Healthy Life.


Origin and history

Sabalan Goods honeycomb comes from the Sabalan mountain valley in north west of Iran. The valley is nested in Sabalan mountain. 4,811 metres in elevation and the second highest mountain in Iran. In the mountain taller than Alps, it has natural wonders such as large rock formation of eroded volcanic outcrops which resemble animals, birds and insects. The valley is nourished by snow water from the mountain. It is home to wild lives living in the purest land remote from human traffic...


Origin and history

Originally from the Persian Empire, saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the Crocus Sativus plant. Saffron-based pigments have been found in the prehistoric paints used to illustrate beasts in 50,000-year-old cave art found in modern-day Iraq, which was even then northwest of the Persian Empire. Saffron was used by ancient Persian worshippers as a ritual offering to their deities, and as a brilliant yellow dye...

Why us?

Sabalan Goods Honeycomb

Our honey is extremely nutritious and packed with vitamins. People have been buzzing over the sweetness, healing properties and health benefits of honeycomb for thousands of years . SABALAN GOODS Honeycomb packs a whole bunch of nutrients that regular honey cannot bring to the table. Raw and unfiltered honeycomb contains amazing benefits . Here is a closer look at benefits of eating raw Sabalan Goods honeycomb.

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