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Our Team


Mr. Mohammad hosseini

Mr. Mohammad hosseini was born in Zanjan Province in Iran. Mr.Mohammad have been a professional chef for his entire life, and he has more than 20 years of experience in cullinary art.He was a founder of Shabestan a fine dining Persian Restaurant in Singapore.The soul of fine dining is the spices and key ingredients.

Mr.mohammad launched Sabalan Goods company in 2018. He supplies all over Singapore with the goodness of Sabalan honeycomb,from supplier to hotels to provide healthy options for Singaporean health and wellness.



Mr.Hamid is a co-founder of Sabalan Goods and serves as Executive Director. Mr.Hamid was a Senior Executive chef at one of the best finest restaurant in Singapore . Iranian- born Mr.Hamid began working in various styles of Persian kitchens,from traditional kitchens in Tehran, haute-cuisine kitchens in Dubai and modern Persian kitchen in Kuala Lumpur. Mr.Hamid has been a professional chef for his entire life and he has more than 15 years experience in culinary art.

Pursuing his fascinations over the classic cooking techniques and a wide variety of Persian herbs, Mr. Hamid have found that nutritious foods originate from natural sources. Being so familiar with saffron and honeycomb in every cooking experience, Mr. hamid thought its important to share the benefits of saffron and honeycomb to all.He teamed up with his brother,founder of Sabalan Goods to meet Malaysians' demands and provide healthy food choices.


Mrs. Suriana Jasnan

Mrs.Suriana Jasnan, is a co-founder and Managing director who works together with founder,Mr Mohamad and executive director Mr. Hamid to grow their professional and personal brands. Malaysia-born Mrs. Suriana graduated in nursing diploma, made her concern about health care. It is common knowledge that the leading causes of death and morbidity in Malaysia are due to chronic diseases such as heart disease , high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and obesity are among the leading causes of death and morbidity in Malaysia. All these diseases are caused by practices of inactive lifestyle such as lack of exercise and not eating a healthy diet. Mrs. Suriana travelled on and off to Iran for the last eight years . She noticed that saffron and honey are one of the items used daily in Iranian cuisine.

She was amazed after knowing the benefits of Sabalan Goods honeycomb and Sabalan Goods saffron , which is rich of benefits for healthy body. On the first bite, Mrs. Suriana falls in love with the Sabalan honeycomb. She realizes, Sabalan mountain honeycomb is rich with its own flavour, aroma and benefits. Mrs.Suriana notice, choice of quality saffron in Malaysia and foreign market is very limited. Poor quality saffron or mixed with other ingredients makes it useless. Therefore, Mrs.Suriana believe that it was important for her to sharing premium quality Saffron and natural Honeycomb from Sabalan Goods to her families, friends and Malaysian . Her mission is to enhancing a Healthy Lifestyle Through Natural and premium product for all.

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