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Seasonal Promotion

Seasonal Promotion



Premium Persian Saffron by Sabalan Goods

weight: 3gram/bottle


Place in an airtight container. Store saffron in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months. For longer storage, keep the container of saffron in your freezer for up to 2 years.

Know what flavor to expect. 
Saffron has a pungent, musty taste and scent with sweet floral accents. When used in excess, however, the taste can quickly become bitter.

Saffron, the golden spice with good health benefits, is a great choice to pamper your guests or yourself.

  • saffron tea (hot/cold)
  • saffron ice cream
  • saffron rice
  • saffron dessert


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Premium Persian Saffron by Sabalan Goods

weight: 3gram/container

Sabalan Goods Grade 1/A+ Saffron is all red saffron that contains stigmas only. This is 100 % Premium Saffron.

Super Negin Cut is the highest quality of the Saffron (threads is referred to as Negin). This is the most valuable kind as it has the highest quality. This is not accessible through any artificial color changes and therefore absolutely pure. Our saffron quality has according to ISO – Norm 3632-2.

SABALAN GOODS Saffron is made up of all red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style by hand, making sure there is absolutely no break or damage to the saffron threads. Our Golden Saffron is harvested from pure saffron farms and its 100% natural red threads exclude any chemical or preservatives.

You can test the quality of our saffron with just your eyes and nose.
As soon as you open each of our premium quality saffron packages you will experience an amazing natural bloody red color comes along with the smooth nice smell of this magical spice that spread all over the place, Which strongly prove that our Saffron has no artificial components and its 100% Natural and High quality. The deep natural red color is rated as “Grade 1 Saffron” in the world, and it comes with an inspiring smell which you can find this combination only in our Saffron.


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